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Opal uses Git for project file version control. The repository is hosted by SourceForge

Many thanks to Sergei Nikulov for his assistance and persistence in enabling the migration from Subversion to Git.

The repository can be browsed here

Anonymous downloads from the Git repository are possible using a number of popular clients:

  • The "git" command is provided as part of most Unix distributions. SourceForge provides an introduction to the git command, or there are many that can be found using Google.
  • On OSX and Windows, the SourceTree tool provides an excellent GUI for Git repository manipulations

There are two separate respositories: ptlib, and opal

The top level URL for these repositories are:


The head of the main trunk revision of these modules (which is also the development revision) can be extracted using the following commands:

git clone git://
git clone git://

To extract a stable branch of OPAL and PTLib, use the following commands

git clone -b vA_B git://
git clone -b vC_D git://

where vA_B is the current version e.g. PTLib version 2.2.x would be v2_2, similarly vC_D for OPAL version 3.2.x would be v3_2. For example:

git clone -b v2_2 git://
git clone -b v3_2 git://

To extract a formal stable release of OPAL and PTLib, use the following commands

git clone -b vA_B_C git://
git clone -b vD_E_F git://

where vA_B_C is the current version e.g. PTLib version 2.8.3 would be v2_8_3, similarly vD_E_F for OPAL version 3.8.3 would be v3_8_3. For example:

git clone -b v2_8_3 git://
git clone -b v3_8_3 git://

The Git master branch has odd version numbers and stable revisions are always in branches with even numbers. The development trunk will also be marked as "alpha" when you get version numbers strings from the libraries. The even numbered stable branch are marked as "beta". Only the formally released tar balls, and their associated "tagged" Git tags/branvhes do not have "alpha" or "beta" associated with them.

See the Wiki page on Version Numbering for more information on the versions available.

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