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This page may be of interest to people who need to know the details of how the OpalVoip SVN respoitory was constructed from the OpenH323 SVN respository

Directory pruning

Several parts of the OpenH323 CVS tree were not included in the migration to OpalVoIP. The parts not migrated include the following directories and files corresponding to the obsoleted GUI abstractions that gave PWLib it's name, as well as old code that is no longer supported. The omitted directories and files are:

  • /isapnp
  • /ixj
  • /ixjsdk
  • /nsdk
  • /website
  • /openh323 (obviously :)
  • /pwlib/include/pwlib directory
  • /pwlib/include/pwclib directory
  • /pwlib/src/pwlib directory
  • /pwlib/src/pwclib directory
  • /pwlib/include/pwlib.h file
  • /pwlib/samples/tools/PacketVxD
  • /pwlib/samples/tools/MsDevWizard
  • /pwlib/samples/tools/pwrc
  • /pwlib/samples/tools/pwtest

Directory renaming

The pwlib directory was renamed ptlib to reflect the removal of the GUI code.

File version numbers

All of the file revision numbers from openh323/pwlib were preserved during the migration to opalvoip/ptlib

Some file revision numbers in openh323/opal were changed due to limitations in the migration tools. All file revision numbers starting with 1. have been left unchanged. File revisions starting with 2. have been changed as follows:

  • the first number of the revision has been changed to 1
  • the second revision level has been increased by 2001

For example, the file revision 2.18 has been changed to 1.2019

Package version numbers

See Main.VersionNumbering#OpenH32Versions for more information on how the package version numbers were changed from OpenH323 to OpalVoip

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Page last modified on October 19, 2007, at 08:16 AM