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Building PTLib on Unix (pre-Wolf)

This page describes how to build PTLib prior to revision 2.4.2 (Wolf). For information on building later releases of PTLib, see this page


  1. Introduction
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Download the PTLib source code
  4. configure and build

1. Introduction

PTLib is built from source using make and configure in the same way as most other Unix programs.

2. Prerequisites

You will need the following:

  • gcc 3.2.2 or later. Earlier versions of gcc may work, but are not maintained.
  • GNU bison and flex must be installed.
  • A copy of the PTLib source archive from the SourceForge download page or from Subversion

3. Download and install the PTLib source code

Download and extract the PTLib source code. For the purposes of this document, the directory that contains PTLIB will be indicated as installdir/PTLIB

4. configure and build

To build the release (optimised) version of PTLib, use the following commands:

cd installdir/PTLIB
make opt

To build the debug version (includes debugging symbols) of PTLib, use the following commands:

cd installdir/PTLIB
make debug
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Page last modified on October 09, 2008, at 03:18 AM