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Complete change logs are available for ptlib and opal

Changes of note are:

  • Improve detection of local Speex libraries so they are used instead of Opal-unique copy
  • Allow remote SIP endpoints to select different payload codes for codecs
  • Add ability to disable H.245 negotiation for a call
  • Add ability to compile on MacOSX on Open Solaris
  • Add SRV lookups for SIP
  • Add image SDP type
  • Port audio plugin manager from OpenH323
  • Add support for video plugins
  • Multiple changes to improve locking
  • Add H.224/H.281 implementation
  • Add H.460 support
  • Add support for SIP Q.931 release code mapping as per RFC 3398
  • Add support for multiple INVITEs
  • Large updates to IAX code
  • Make GSM codec adaptive to support MS-GSM format
  • Add SRTP support
  • Add support for SIP INFO
  • Add SIP presence and RFC3856, RFC3903, RFC3863, RFC3265 support
  • Add SIP T.38 support
  • Add H.264 and H.263-1998 support
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Page last modified on October 25, 2007, at 01:46 PM