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Who is using OPAL?

Here is a list of both Open Source and commercial products using OPAL

Aurus RichCallAurusVideo Call and Web Collaboration for Contact CenterAlexander Anoshin
Aurus OutboundAurusOutbound Campaign SolutionAlexander Anoshin
MeetNowimagicleConferencing systemChristian Bongiovanni
SkyStoneimagicleSkype gatewayChristian Bongiovanni
StoneFaximagicleFax (T.38) gatewayChristian Bongiovanni
Queue ManagerimagicleIVR (VXML) based call queue managerChristian Bongiovanni
IP-II PTSMicrotronixIP-II VoIP Phone Test SystemTed Szoczei
TeamSIP 2goTeamFON GmbHMobile office clientSupport
OEM SoftphoneT-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbHVoIP phone for custom solutionsInformation
EkigaOpen SourceSoftphoneDamien Sandras, Eugen Dedu, Julian Puydt, and many more
FreeSWITCHOpen SourceInstallable module ("mod") for H.323 access on FreeSWITCH softswitchRobert Jongbloed
T.38 ModemOpen SourceFax modem to T.38 gatewayVyacheslav Frolov, Jordan Kojouharov, and others
Open PhoneVox Lucida Pty. Ltd.SoftphoneRobert Jongbloed

Note: there are many more commercial products using OPAL. However, unless we get explicit permission from them, we cannot put them up on this site. Usually, this is because the people involved are "too busy" to make the decision. Sometimes, the product or company is now defunct. And occasionally, the company is a little embarrassed about using Open Source and don't want it known. Do not assume that this is by any means an exhaustive list of all products using OPAL.

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